Chinese Metaphysics

Energy is neither good nor evil.

Energy affects our environment and us.

If we have knowledge of the dynamics, direction and places of energy, we can use it for ourselves.

In Chinese Metaphysics there are tools to support goals, ideas and developments on one’s own life path.

The calculations in Feng Shui can support one’s own goals and possibilities by making optimal use of the living or working area. Adapted to our fast-paced, modern world, the calculations of the „Flying Stars“ are particularly helpful. Knowledge of one’s own „GUA“ number, based on the date of birth, gives the information WHERE in a building in which directions is the most support.

In Chinese astrology ( BaZi ) one finds an explanation for the abilities, potentials and possibilities of development on one’s own life path. Based on the year of birth, month, day and hour, very concrete statements can be made about a person’s abilities, possibilities and strategies.

With the technique of QiMen (art of warcraft) you calculate WHEN and where your own actions and plans find the most support for their realization. Often a good idea does not fail because of the idea as such, but that the right place and the right time has not been chosen, and thus the supporting energy was missing.

The decisive factor of all these techniques presupposes one’s own activity:

Without targeted action, there are no results.

Without adding your own action, no support of the corresponding energies.

Through my continuous training in Chinese Metaphysics, I can offer you coaching for your plans and wishes.

Also possible via Zoom.