About me

I always had passion for the body and its movement, so I studied “Rhythmics” at the University of Music, Dance and Theatre in Essen (Germany) in 1980-84 and at the L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq (Mime, Mouvement, Théatre) in Paris (France) in 1984-85.

During 1986-89 I gave lessons in Body Training and Improvisation at various public and private colleges, working as well as actress and assistant director.

Since 1989 I live and work on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands where I offer:

Regression Therapy Sessions and Special ATR (Accident Trauma Release after accidents and injuries)

Lessons in the  CANTIENICA® method at my own studio at the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario

Training in easy crawl swim and sessions in warm water in aquabalance

As EARTh recognized trainer I give Workshops worldwide about the interaction of Body and Mind.

Work and Training

  • 2019 – Workshops to introduce to the CANTIENICA®-Method, Regression Therapy with ATR, Gotland, Sweden
  • 2019 – Workshop for better Eye sight in the CANTIENICA®-Method, Karlsruhe, Germany with Benita Cantieni
  • 2018 – Article in the International Journal of Regression Therapy „Hips and Horses“
  • 2018 – EARTh Annual Convention, Baarlo, Netherland: leading the Workshop „Embodyment – interaction of the Psyche and the Body“, Five basic perspectives of the Body and how they affect the relationaship to oneself, to other people and to ones
  • surrounding
  • 2016-2017 – Training as a recognized teacher for the CANTIENICA®-Method for body form and posture, Level 3
  • 2016 – EARTh Annual Convention, Elachotori, Greece: leading the workshop “body colors”. A Workshop about exploring the vibration of colors on the body and using the perception as induction for a Regression Session.
  • 2015 – EARTh Annual Convention, Dublin: demonstration of my specialty performing Regression Therapy Sessions in warm water in combination with AquaBalance.
  • 2014 – 5th World Congress for Regression Therapy in Porto, Portugal, “Mind healing Body, Body healing Mind”: leading the workshop “ATR – Accident Trauma Release” – trauma release from physical ailments and after-effects of accident and surgeries.
  • 2010-2012 – Regression Therapist trained by Marion Boon and Hans TenDam, Tasso  International.
  • 2006-2007 – Concept of easy swimming training (several workshops in Co-work with a professional swimmer).
  • since 2000 – Classical Feng Shui , BaZhi and Qimen consultant trained by Dato Joey Yap, Malaysia.
  • 1996 – Publication of my book about exercises in the water (“Wassergymnastik”, Mosaik Company). It was published as well in Holland and Brasil (Ground Company).

©Photo: Heike Bludau