Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy identifies and experiences previous experiences that have caused current discomfort and problems. It helps to dissolve negative influences from the past and regain the energy lost in the problem.
Although regression is all about consciousness and mind, we find that one of our most reliable guides is our body. In the regression we go from the mind to the body and from the body to the mind.
Regression experiences past experiences that seemed forgotten or suppressed. Complaints such as anxiety, depression and relationship problems have causes.
Also diseases and physical ailments have causes besides bacteria or virus. Problematic qualities like superiority, a control freak or negative beliefs have been caused in the past.  The forgotten life experiences often contained emotional wounds that never completely healed and trigger semi-conscious beliefs in our minds.
Such beliefs change only when we understand how they started and why we held on to them. Recognition with understanding facilitates the liberation of these beliefs. After people have found and re-experienced these undigested experiences, the emotions discharge and the clients feel and understand how their present ailments were related to past experiences and can regain mental and physical health.

Regression therapists not only bring back forgotten experiences to disable problematic repercussions, but also reactivate positive feelings, good memories and lost talents.

Results of regression therapy can be:

  • mental outcomes: mental health, clarity, self-knowledge, understanding of people, exemption from mental prisons and tunnel views or preconceptions.
  • emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, recovery of empathy and positive emotions (how to enjoy), expression of emotions (such as anger and sadness).
  • physical results: disappearance of tension and discomfort, psychosomatic problems such as low energy, hypersensitivity and generally complaints without medical explanation.

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