Regression Therapy

We cannot change anything unless we accept it. (C.G.Jung)

Often our own thoughts and feelings evade a plausible explanation:

„Why can’t I change that?“

„Why am I afraid of something like this?“

„That makes me mad — why?“

It is not just your own emotions that confuse you in certain situations and often render you unable to act. Some chronic or psychosomatic illnesses cannot be explained either from the perspective of conventional medicine. Nevertheless, all these complaints and blockages are perceived as real.

They must have a reason!

Regression therapy finds the causes of such complaints in one’s own childhood and past and can fundamentally resolve them through renewed experience, understanding and energy work. Our body forgets nothing and stores every little piece of information in its cells, every small and large injury to our soul. Bad experiences and bad experiences often nestle somewhere in the body as anger, sadness or fear. If you leave them unprocessed, they smolder, steal precious energy, paralyze, block and can develop into psychological impairments, chronic exhaustion or physical complaints, even if the triggering event was long ago, repressed and long forgotten.

In regression therapy you will discover the roots of longstanding problems and, under my professional guidance, you will travel back to forgotten or repressed experiences, and through reliving (catharsis) you can finally understand them, expose them as unnecessary and discard them. In this way, regression therapy reconciles with the past, releases old blockages, frees energies, and provides inner peace, clarity, serenity and improves physical and mental health.

Although regression involves working with one’s own consciousness, the body is our most reliable guide. In regression, the consciousness connects with the body and the body helps to make people aware of forgotten events. The body is the indispensable ally on this path. He is never an enemy, but a friend who attentively helps you regain your full potential.

Regression therapy does not treat symptoms, but rather addresses problems fundamentally. It differs from other forms of treatment in particular in the assumption that you yourself know the answer to your questions. It is not the therapist who makes the diagnosis of what is wrong with you. You hold the key to your own healing in your own hands. I help to filter out your topic and I am a reliable companion on your journey of discovery into the past, where your problem is waiting for a solution.

If you have any questions, I am available for a discussion with you.

I look forward to it! Sessions via Skype or Zoom are possible.

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